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Damee got the newest color!

Damee got the newest color!

We’ve got the newest color in this famous Damee’s Swing Jacket!
We call ‘Peach Gold’ for this magical color!

This Damee Swing Jacket is JUST FABULOUS!!
This swing style has been the best seller last year in Damee New York, and this newest color is already lifting its head up toward #1 position!
Queen Swan Peach Emerald features two pouch pockets, big collar that gives warm look, gorgeous ¾ sleeves, hanging body style, crinkled fabric which gives more shines on jacket.

As you look at the picture, Queen Swan Peach Emerald is just fabulous, gorgeous, marvelous, and so more! That’s why we name it ‘Queen Swan.’
It’s not only beautiful but also very light and comfortable.

Style Details
Brand: Damee
Color: Peach
Look: Mesh Jacket & Short Sleeve Top Twin Set
Special Features: Two Big Pouch Pockets, Big Collar Covering Neck Line & Giving Warm Look, Gorgeous ¾ Sleeves
Damee Style #: 362-PCH
Price: $217.00

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